Defective Medical Drugs


Defective Medical Prescription Drugs, Personal Injury Lawyer, Eshelman Legal Group

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Defective Medical Drugs

Defective Medical Prescription Drugs, Personal Injury Lawyer, Eshelman Legal Group

Defective Medicines whether over the counter or prescribed by your doctor can cause a host of problems. I am sure you’ve noticed most of the pharmaceutical commercials on TV will list all the potential side effects their new drug may cause. By the time the ad has finished, you don’t even remember what drug they are advertising for, let alone what it is used for. These long commercials came about because so many drugs have been defective and the pharmaceutical companies that make them have lost billions of dollars in lawsuits.

What is a defective drug? A defective drug can be either prescription or over the counter, and it causes physical, psychological or emotional injury to the person who has taken it. The injury can either be a direct result of the drug being defective or a result of the drug not being labeled correctly or offering sufficient warnings. The attorneys at the Eshelman Legal Group in N.E. Ohio handle defective medical drug cases and are here to help you. If you have been a victim of defective medical drugs, please call: 1.800.365.0001.

Before a drug is put on the market, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to get it approved by the FDA. They also must post all warnings and possible side effects on the label so that anyone taking the medicine is aware of possible side effects. Sadly, it can often be years before it is determined that a drug is dangerous...I’m reminded of the birth control pill a few years ago that resulted in blood clots, strokes, pulmonary embolisms and deep vein thrombosis in some of the women who took it.

According to the Eshelman Legal Group, although the various birth control problems come to mind (Yaz, Yasmin), there are medical drugs used for many other reasons that have been cause for concern also and have cost the drug manufacturers billions of dollars because of them. There have also been defective medical drugs for type 2 diabetes, weight loss, antidepressants, acne, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, antibiotics, dialysis treatment, anti-psychotic and epileptic.

You know, when one is prescribed a medication by their doctor or just takes an over the counter medicine, you assume it is safe. Many times these medicines are not safe! Many people need to be held accountable for that’s not just the manufacturer.

Who Is Responsible?

  • First, there is the doctor who prescribed you the medicine. It is the doctor’s responsibility to prescribe to you the best medical drug possible for your condition. Your doctor needs to know how different medical drugs interact with each other so he or she doesn’t prescribe you something that will hurt you when mixed with something else you are taking.

  • Secondly there is the pharmacist. Has the prescription been measured out in the correct dosage to you? A change in dosage accuracy could hurt your health and maybe even cause long term damage.

That said, we are heading back to the manufacturer of the defective drug. We are not saying this is the usual practice, but some medicines have received FDA approval prematurely. Or maybe they left out pertinent information or safety warnings on their label. They need to be held accountable if something goes wrong. Remember, the Eshelman Legal Group will fight to hold them responsible. Our product liability attorneys will make sure you and your family receive the compensation you deserve.

You know, each year pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars from prescription drugs. That said, while many and most medical drugs are completely safe, cure many conditions and save lives, some medicines can cause harm if they are defective. Defective medicines have been known to not only cause harm and severe adverse effects, but they have also caused death.

If you believe that you have suffered due to taking a defective medical drug, be it prescription or over the counter, please contact the Eshelman Legal Group to set up your free initial consultation today. You deserve retribution and we'll make sure that you and/or your family receives it.

Please contact the Eshelman Legal Group. Our attorneys will help you move forward with this difficult claim and hold the guilty party responsible for the suffering. And hopefully, your claim will help stop the abuse of other patients.

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