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Dog Bite-Is It Time to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Dog Bite Domestic Animal Attack Personal Injury Lawyer, Attorney Eshelman Legal Group

I remember back in 2009 it was all over the news when a lady was mauled by her good friend’s chimpanzee. After countless surgeries and thousands of dollars, her life will still never be the same. While an attack by a chimp is rare, another type of animal attack is attacks.

Bodily harm aside, dog bites resulted in 42 deaths in 2014. Obviously some dogs wouldn’t hurt a fly, but there are a few other dog breeds that can be quite aggressive. It is for this reason that since 1980, breed specific laws have passed in over 700 U.S. cities and in military housing areas.

The top three dog breeds responsible for attacks resulting in the mauling or even death of the victim are the Pit Bull, Rottweiler and German Shepherd. With both the pitbull and rottweiler it is noted that when they have a “bad moment” the attacks are not just a regular dog bite. More often than not, the victim is maimed or killed. Because of this, actuarial risk for owning these two breeds are high

Pit Bulls are probably the first dog that pops into one’s mind when the topic of dangerous dogs comes up. And with good reason. Pit Bulls are known as “fighting dogs” because their owners train them to fight and at times used in illegal dog fights.

Pit Bulls are actually the number one dog on the list, accounting for 74% of the dog attack fatalities. Some pit bulls may attack both adults and children. This is very rare and is only seen in one other dog breed, the bullmastiff.

You may be wondering what, if anything, you can do if you’ve been hurt by someone’s dog. The Eshelman Legal Group explains that while dog owners can usually be held liable when their dog injures someone, you may want to first think of whether or not it is worth suing. For example, did the dog just give you a little puncture wound on your hand causing you to get one stitch? If so, you may want to just talk to the owner and settle out of court. If, however, the injury is more substantial, it would be worth your time to call the Eshelman Legal Group 1-800-365-0001 and set up an appointment for your free initial consultation.

When we say a “more substantial” injury I am referring not just to getting mauled or even perhaps disfigured. I am also referring to another substantial loss...monetary. For example, what if you own a farm and the neighbor’s dog got loose one night and killed quite a bit of your livestock? That is your livelihood and could cost your thousands. In legal cases many things will come into play. A few questions that may come up are:

  • • Was the animal provoked?
  • • Did the attack occur on the dog owner’s property?
  • • Does the state have a “one bite” negligence rule?
  • • Did the owner know their dog was a biter and if so, did they take necessary precautions?
  • • Are you suing within the legal time limitations from when the attack occurred?

Getting bit by a dog may result is something more serious. In cases like these, please seek the help of an attorney who will help you get what you deserve. The Eshelman Legal Group has the experience and drive to pursue and win your case. For more information about our attorneys and cases we specialize in, please visit

Give the Eshelman Legal Group a call; 1-800-365-0001

So let me say this in ending...If you have been involved in serious dog bite injury or another type of animal attack injury due to another persons neglect, please consider calling the attorneys at the Eshelman Legal Group in Akron/Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. We have represented thousands over our 45 years. We are sensitive to the pain, suffering and financial problems you may experience, and you have nothing to lose since your initial consultation is free. For more information, please call us at 1-800-365-0001 for a no obligation initial consultation.