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Medical Malpractice Injury Lawyers in Akron Ohio, Eshelman Legal Group

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Medical Malpractice Injury Lawyers in Akron Ohio, Eshelman Legal Group

The term “Medical Malpractice” gets thrown around a lot when a patient believes he or she was harmed by a doctor, nurse or other hospital staff. Sadly, there are times when the outcome of a treatment or surgery doesn't result in the outcome a patient had hoped for (e.g. getting rid of a serious disease)...this is not medical malpractice. According to the Eshelman Legal Group there are however, a few times when a patient was harmed and it does constitute medical malpractice. Here are a few of the more common cases that make up the bulk of these types of lawsuits:

Delayed Diagnosis or Mis-diagnosis ...The problem with delayed diagnosis is that a patient may miss the opportunity for a treatment that could cause less harm and even save his or her life. The same holds true for a mis-diagnosis; a patient could miss out on a lifesaving treatment when a serious disease is not discovered. So how do you prove this? The attorneys at the Eshelman Legal Group who specialize in medical malpractice lawsuits will compare what actions your doctor did or did not do ( along with other factors ) compared to other competent doctors in the same field. If the majority of the other specialists would have handled your diagnosis differently, you may have a case.

Childbirth Injuries ...This type of problem can arise either before or after the baby is born and can involve either or both the mother and child. Let’s talk about prenatal care first. When a lady is pregnant, she has regular appointments with her obstetrician. Besides getting the mother’s family health history, it is common practice to draw blood at each visit. They also perform sonograms at times. All of these tests help to determine the health of the baby and mother. They check for birth defects, Rh incompatibility, preeclampsia, anemia, gestational diabetes, the list goes on and on. They also make sure the mother doesn't have any disease(s) that could pass through to the baby, like genital herpes and make sure it is not an ectopic pregnancy (or tubal).

Failure to diagnosis any of these problems due to the negligence of testing, etc. on the doctor’s part can be considered medical malpractice if the mother or baby is harmed because of it. There can also be negligence during childbirth. Failure to anticipate complications, failure to take the baby by cesarean section if needed, incorrect use of forceps...once again, the list goes on and on. In any case, if a problem arose either before or during birth, it would be wise to contact an attorney at the Eshelman Legal Group to see if you have a case. Remember your initial consultation is no obligation.

Medication Errors ...We are constantly being warned to read medication bottles and take the correct dosage so as not to become addicted or overdose. But what if your doctor prescribes to you the wrong medication and you are harmed from it? This can be from sheer carelessness or because he misdiagnosed your case. Or what if there is a mix up at the hospital and you get the wrong medicine administered? Serious complications can arise from taking medication that you don’t need or are allergic too and given by mistake. Mistake do happen, after all doctors and nurses are human and may be fatigued by working long hours.

Anesthesia Errors ...You know, it sounds easy...give someone a shot of whatever to put them asleep for surgery...But it is Not! There is a whole science to figuring out the correct dosage each person may receive. A heavier person may need more that a petite person. Some people may have something in their medical history so they need a different type of anesthesia. Whatever the case, if the correct dosage is not figured out precisely, complications like brain damage, permanent injury or even death could arise.

Surgery Errors ...It has been documented many times, doctors accidentally leaving a surgical tool or sponge in a patient. Yes, that along with operating on the wrong part, puncturing an organ, poor post-op care, can all lead to serious complications beginning with infection when your immune system is already low. As fellow mankind, we wish everyone proper healthcare treatment. Going through the ordeal and pain that any of these more common medical blunders could cause is terrible but it does happen on occasion. And while we wouldn’t wish these medical malpractices on anyone, the Eshelman Legal Group has a full staff of experienced attorneys who specialize in these type of cases. We are here to help you. Please visit our website at or call today 1-800-365-0001 for a free consultation.