Motorcycle Awareness


Motorcycle Awareness, Personal Injury Lawyer, Eshelman Legal Group

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Motorcycle Awareness

Motorcycle Awareness, Personal Injury Lawyer, Eshelman Legal Group

The most common vehicle accidents in Ohio involve cars. However, motorcycle accidents can be more shocking and devastating for all the obvious reasons. We have gathered some interesting factual data in regards to motorcycle accidents. These statistics are approximate numbers.

Motorcycle Season in Ohio

  • 3/4 of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with another motor vehicle such as a passenger car or truck.
  • 1/4 of motorcycle accidents involve just the motorcycle itself. Causes may be fixed objects near the roadway such as a tree, telephone pole, mailbox or a sign etc.
  • Less than 3% of motorcycle accidents are due to vehicle failure such as a tire puncture or brake failure.
  • Rider error accounts for about 2/3 of motorcycle accidents. Excessive speed while addressing a curve in the road is a common occurrence.
  • Debris on the road such as excessive gravel, fallen car parts such as an old rusty exhaust or muffler, uneven pavement, potholes all contribute to motorcycle accidents.
  • Many accidents that involve a car or light truck are caused by the other vehicle violating the motorcyclists right of way such as lane changes
  • Intersections are the most likely place for accidents that involve a motorcycle with another vehicle.
  • Weather does not really factor in to many motorcycle accidents. Only about 2% of all motorcycle accidents are caused by inclement weather.
  • The average speed during a motorcycle accident is surprisingly low. Only about 30 mph. High speed accidents are rare.
  • Alcohol is present in about half of all fatal motorcycle accidents.
  • You have about 2 seconds to react to avoid a motorcycle accident.
  • About 75% of motorcycle accidents are caused by unprotected eyes, causing impaired vision and a distraction while operating a motorcycle.

There are more facts that we can list. As you can see from the information that we have listed, accidents do happen. Some can be avoided. Some are recklessness, some are just neglect others just happen because of the nature of riding on two wheels and many other factors that are just beyond your control.

We hope you never have to experience any type of serious accident. We understand the enjoyment and freedom you get from riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles can be fun, personable and a sense of adventure. There are many motorcycle clubs throughout Ohio, many wonderful motorcycle events and fund-raisers. Many wonderful people from all walks of life.

We encourage everyone to take the safety rider courses and practice all safe riding practices. Wear proper clothing and safety gear. Make sure your motorcycle is working properly and obey the laws of the highway.

And remember, if you are a victim of a serious accident because of someone else's carelessness, The Eshelman Legal Group is a well respected force in the Ohio court system along with all the insurance companies. We have over 40 years experience in personal injury and wrongful death. We know Ohio Injury Law. We will fight for your rights. "We'll Make Things Right!"

We also want to remind you that in Ohio there are strict rules for how long you can wait before you file a personal injury claim. Do not wait to long or you may forfeit your case. Also, do not talk to an insurance adjuster until you talk to an experienced personal injury attorney. You could defeat your case just by a few statements you may say to the insurance adjuster. Keep in mind, the insurance adjuster does not represent you, they represent the company that signs their pay check, they represent the insurance company. The attorneys at the Eshelman Legal Group represents you, if you hire them to work with you to get you the largest possible settlement you are entitled to and will need to recover and maintain your health the rest of your life. We know some injuries manifest themselves later on and at times many years later. Your doctor will attest to this fact. For that reason, you will need a larger settlement to cover medical bills and many other issues that may arise from a serious motorcycle accident that was not your fault.

Contact the Eshelman Legal Group. Our attorneys will help you get all the benefits you are entitled to receive. Remember, the insurance adjuster is not on your side. It is an adversarial system and you need to have someone on your side to get all the compensation that you are entitled to. The lawyers at the Eshelman Legal Group will see that you get the largest possible settlement available to you.

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