Soft Tissue Injury


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Soft Tissue Injury

Soft Tissue Injury Attorney Akron Ohio,  Eshelman Legal Group Lawyers

Soft Tissue Car Injury

Nearly 40,000 people die in car accidents each year in the United States, with 2.35 million people being injured or disabled. One of the most common injuries suffered in car accidents are soft tissue injuries. A Soft Tissue Injury (STI) is the damage of muscles, ligaments and tendons throughout the body.

Examples of Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Sprain: Ligament injury over extension of joint
  • Contusion: Bruising
  • Strain: Over use of a muscle or tendon
  • Whiplash

These injuries are common in vehicular accidents due to the force from the collision(s). These forces can vary; from passengers bumping about to being brutally jerked around - whiplashed, which is the most common soft tissue car injury.

Injuries such as these can cause pain that leaves you debilitated for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, pain is hard to establish. Intensity varies between individuals. Pain for one person can prevent him or her from enjoying everyday parts of life, while the same pain for another can be remedied via the medicine cabinet.

When insurance companies look at claims made concerning pain, the foremost part that is analyzed is if there was a trip to the doctor, sure-fire evidence that pain was present. This is important because soft tissue injures rarely, if ever, appear on X-Rays, so medical documentation is essential to gather if you or someone you know is pondering litigation for suffering a soft tissue car injury from a car accident.

The claimant’s greatest tool in a successful lawsuit or having an insurance claim approved is extensive documentation of the injury (and its symptoms) by a medical professional. This means a doctor, not a chiropractor.

Soft tissue car injury rewards are hard to determine because they are not always severe. It ultimately comes down to the plaintiff’s credibility; however, possible rewards could include:

  • Lost Wages
  • Loss of Future Income
  • Monetary Losses Suffered as a Result of the Injury
  • Medical Expenses
  • Pain and Suffering

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