Stryker, Depuy, Metal on Metal Implant Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuit

Stryker, Depuy, Metal on Metal Implant Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuit

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Stryker Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuit, Eshelman Legal Group

For most people, undergoing hip replacement surgery can elicit a slew of emotions, everything from the fear of being put under and having surgery to excitement...when this whole ordeal is over, my lifestyle will return to normal; I can take walks with my grandkids and play tennis or golf with my friends again without hip pain. But what if the outcome is not what you expected or even hoped for? Such is the case with many patients who have had hip replacement surgery using either the Stryker Rejuvenate Modular System or the ABG II Modular­Neck Hip system.

The Stryker Corporation is a Michigan based medical and orthopedic device manufacturer company with operations in over 100 countries. Their sales top over $9 billion a year, largely due to the fact that they have successfully manufactured hip replacement devices. Their Rejuvenate Modular and ABG II Modular­Neck Hip Systems have caused serious complications for hundreds of patients to date, thus causing them to need revision surgery.

Both of those hip replacement systems have a faulty design which results in the potential risk for metallosis, metal ion generation, and metal debris release caused by corrosion in the neck joint. The metal ions and fragments that could be released into your body’s surrounding tissue can cause:

  • Metallosis – tissue poisoning due to metal ions and fragments
  • Necrosis – tissue and bone death due to metallosis toxicity
  • Osteolysis –dissolution of necrotic bone tissue , caused mainly by metal toxicity Systemic metal poisoning – body wide inflammation due to metallosis entry into the bloodstream
  • Pseudotumors – false tumor formation surrounding the joint due to inflammation
  • Bone Fracture – bones surrounding joint may weaken and fracture
  • Revision Surgery – to replace implant due to pain or severe inflammation Reconstructive surgery – due to weakened bone tissue resulting in fractures of femur or pelvis

You are probably wondering how these hip replacements were approved. The Eshelman Legal Group explains that while medical products do indeed need to be approved, the Stryker products were approved via a fast track method, 510(k) Premarket Notification Process. Only if a manufacturer claims their product is like other medical devices on the market can they do this and it allows them to skip the cost of clinical testing. What does this mean? It means that Stryker’s devices were not implanted and tested in humans before being used in the general public. By the time adverse reactions had been reported, it was too late. Hundreds of patients had already had hip replacement surgery using either the Stryker Rejuvenate Modular System or the ABG II Modular­Neck Hip System, and had been injured and required revision or reconstructive surgery.

Approximately 4,000 lawsuits have been brought against Stryker for not sufficiently testing them on humans. Over 100 of them have been settled so far and there will be many more to come, as Stryker is expected to pay out around $1.4 of the largest settlements of its kind.

When products that include the Stryker Hip Replacement prove to have serious dangers connected to them, you might start to wonder who you can trust. We at the Eshelman Legal Group wish to see that you receive compensation if major companies choose to sell you defective products that leave you in serious danger. For that reason, if you experienced serious injury after using the Stryker Hip Replacement, make sure to contact the Eshelman Legal Group for attorneys that you can trust.

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FDA Warnings Regarding Metal on Metal Hip Replacement

Warning Update - Metal on Metal Hip Replacement

Stryker Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuit, Eshelman Legal Group

( The following is a direct article from the official FDA website ) The Food and Drug Administration issued a updated warning in regards to Metal on Metal Hip Implants

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