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Involved in a Truck Accident?

Car Accident Lawyers in Akron Ohio, Eshelman Legal Group

Big Rig, Truck, Semi, 18Wheeler, Tractor Trailer, whatever you want to call it, being involved in a truck accident can be devastating. The Eshelman Legal Group, the truck accident attorneys in the Akron, Ohio area explain a few reasons why legalities with truck accidents can be different than car accidents.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 13,100,000 car accidents a year. Of these, 500,000 (½ a million) involve large trucks. As with car accidents, truck accident related costs can reach far beyond just the cost of the initial collision. If you ask the professionals at the Eshelman Legal Group, these costs are far different than those if you are involved in a car accident. You need an attorney who knows the ins and outs of a serious truck related accident injury or death.

When you are involved in a car accident, protocol is to exchange information with the other car driver and call the insurance company, etc. to set up a claim. When you are in a truck accident, however, it is not just the driver that is held liable, both the truck driver and the trucking company he or she works for can be held liable for any damages, whether they are physical or financial.

Federal regulations state that all drivers/carrier companies must keep traffic reports, logbooks and perform equipment checks. Your truck accident attorney at the Eshelman Legal Group will review all this information. If it is found that regulations were not followed, the driver and his company will be held accountable, especially when serious death or injury (anything from whiplash to broken bones and brain trauma) resulted from the accident.

The law states that commercial truck drivers are only allowed to drive a maximum of 70 hours per week. If their log books are accurately kept and they show an overage in the amount of hours they drive, that can be bad news for the truck driver if they are involved in a serious accident.

The attorneys at the Eshelman Legal group specialize in truck accident injuries and are well versed in the various Ohio transportation laws. They also know how to deal with insurance and healthcare companies. If you visit our website at, you can see that not only do our attorneys have a proven track record, but your first consultation with us is FREE and you do not pay until you get paid.

When To Call

If you have been in a truck accident and you were injured due to someone else's negligence, how long should you wait before you contact your truck accident attorney? The earlier the better to tell you the truth, and definitely before you reach an agreement with the insurance company. Not only will hiring an experienced attorney early help you to avoid costly mistakes, it will help you avoid missing any deadlines due to Ohio laws. Different states have different deadlines for filing claims, and you don’t want to miss yours, especially if you need to recover income or expenses from loss of wages or medical bills.

As a General Rule of Thumb, You Should Hire an Truck Accident Attorney Shortly After the Accident Occurs (Within a Week or Two)

The longer you wait, you could risk your case being jeopardized. We encourage you to get expert legal advice to evaluate your individual case. Call the experts at the Eshelman Legal Group in Akron, Ohio for a no obligation no cost first initial consultation.

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With over forty years experience, a vast knowledge of Ohio transportation laws, auto insurance and the healthcare industry along with a proven track record in truck accident claims, the Eshelman Legal Group has been helping the injured for over 40 years.

The attorneys at the Eshelman Legal Group in Akron, Ohio understand that no matter how cautious you are, others may not be so careful, and accidents do happen. So we hope you don’t need to, but if you are in a situation where you need the advice of an injury attorney, the Eshelman Legal Group is here to help you. For over 40 years we have been assisting accident victims, and we are here to assist you too... because “We’ll make things right.” .

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